Over 90% percent of the water samples collected in the United States tested positive for plastic fiber pollution–the highest percentage of any country tested. This study from the non-profit organization Orb and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health collected over 150 tap water samples across five continents and a wide range of urban and rural environments. After testing it, researchers concluded that plastic micro particles rub off while we wash clothes, leak off of plastic containers, chip off of plastic materials, and get into drinking water in all kinds of other ways. Not even bottled water should be considered particle-free! Plastics are just one of many contaminants that can enter our drinking water–even if that water meets or exceeds federal standards. Pollution can discolor water, effects its taste and smell, or even endanger your health!

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Benefits of Installing Water Filtration Systems

  • Great tasting water
  • Less expensive and more eco-friendly than bottled water
  • Smoother hair and luminous skin
  • Reduced odors associated with hydrogen sulfide
  • Little to no iron stains on sinks and fixtures
  • Elimination of arsenic in water
  • Lessens corrosion
  • Greatly reduces dirt, clay, sediment, bacteria, chlorine, and more

Reverse osmosis filtration systems have many lifestyle benefits as well as other practical benefits, including:

  • Removes bacteria, viruses, pesticides, chlorine, asbestos, sodium, and much more
  • Improves taste, appearance, and odor
  • Removes pollutants and does not collect them
  • Extremely convenient
  • Inexpensive provider of filtered water
  • Eliminates bottled water waste

Private water sources such as wells often have common problems such as:

  • Iron
  • Stains plumbing fixtures
  • Stains laundry
  • Metallic taste
  • Musty odor
  • Sprinkler stains

Bad Taste & Odor

  • Earthy, musty, swampy or organic odor or taste often caused by decaying vegetation in surface water
  • Chlorine odor and taste often found in municipal water supplies
  • Rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulphide)


  • Cloudy water from suspended sand or silt
  • Common in private wells or due to water main breaks in municipal systems


  • Degradation of pipes & blue green staining on plumbing fixtures or tint in water from copper pipes reacting with acidic water (low pH)